Help Wanted..Apply Within.


Thanks to TheWhiskeyLady.Net for the photo, check out her Blog its great. 

It seems I always start these posts with “Its busy here etc. etc.” and yes its busy here, I’m going to stop saying that. I’ve been in Asia meeting with some key contacts about potential investment, distribution and collaboration. The Asian market is a really interesting one for Whiskey, its dominated by scotch and the only Irish Whiskey you’ll find here as standard is Jameson, even then you have to search. I’ll be doing a post about that later in the month. While I was boarding the plane I got a call from the Irish Times to say we’d won a place to pitch for their Start-Up Academy program. I expected to be back in time to do the pitch but ended up having to do it via Skype, which was not great. We’d been chosen from about 600 applicants with 19 others to pitch and I was disappointed not to be able to be there in person we didn’t get through to the final 10, but onward and upward. Anyway, while I was preparing for that a lovely piece about us was published in the Irish Independent, which is the biggest daily newspaper in Ireland, so that was cool. You can see it here.

With all that going on I’m trying now to tighten up a multitude of contracts and paperwork and we are heading into Rackhouse construction proper next week. I realised that it is time for our first hire. We are going to be hiring for a position that is not very well known outside of the whiskey industry but absolutely essential in the success of any whiskey company. It’s a position that has had a few famous employees over time and one usually kept for life, unless that is the employee wanders off…We are hiring our first Rackhouse Cat. Wea re only looking for the best and the model for this role is Towser the Cat. Towser resided at the Glenturret distillery, she worked there for 24 years and holds the position of the World’s Best Mouser. She died in 1987 but her record lives on….

Cats in whiskey Rackhouses or distilleries have been around for as long as whiskey has been made. Distilleries need to store large amounts of grain to make whiskey, and Rackhouses are full of delicious barrels infused with sugary liquid perfect for rodents to gnaw on or make a home in.

Even today the best defence against unwanted four legged visitors is a furry security guard. So as we begin building the Rackhouse, I’ve decided we are going to rescue some unwanted kittens and put them through an intensive training period of cuddling and socialisation. I’m having a little space designed in the Rackhouse especially for the cats to ensure they feel at home and to also to ensure they can patrol and deter any potential invaders.

Remember our Rackhouse is not on an industrial estate, with environmental controls and surrounded by concrete.  It is effectively in the middle of a field on a farm. I can be really on it in terms of technically repelling mice and whatnot, but it’s a farm at the end of the day. There will naturally be field mice running around and looking for shelter during the winter months and birds looking for a place to nest. Our first hires will by their presence alone stop that from happening and I’d rather not use poison or anything like that. Prevent rather than cure would be my motto on mice and birds.

So, I’m looking for 3 or four kittens or young cats. The employment package includes, 3 square meals a day, a comfy place to sleep, cuddles when desired and of course full healthcare, including neutering and spaying….Applications from the homeless and helpless particularly sought. If you know of any cat that might be suitable for this position please email me directly at and YES I am 100% Serious, we need some cats…..