Brand Battle In More Ways Than One

So the electricity is off here, of course, and apparently will be for 2 days.Not ideal when I am trying to sign off final proofs of my label to send them to print so I can show them to potential customers in the U.S.A. And I need to print a load of documents  off so I can apply for a Leader grant to fit out our cooperage. which I think is actually due tomorrow. That means if the electricity comes back on tonight I’ll be doing that all night. Also the interior alarm has been going off all day due to the power outage and the dogs have had to sit in the car all day as they cant handle the noise..I am remaining calm though it all and I am wearing headphones listening to an AudioBook about Elon Musk. A man will arrive imminently I am told to silence the alarm. That would be nice.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the last push in getting whiskey into bottles. It was a prescient post….I’ve managed to track down my bottles, which are out of production until July. I went to some craft distilleries I know outside of Ireland and we are doing deals, so that is sorted almost. My empty sample bottles arrived late from Italy so I missed a key shipping deadline. So now here in West Clare have to figure out how to Fed-Ex a 6 pack of whiskey samples Post Haste I think the nearest Fed-Ex office is in Shannon Airport…Stick that on the list of things to do then.

I have some other bits and pieces that are maybe/maybe not going to happen on time who knows?  As predicted everything is going wrong in various unpredictable ways. So, I’m doing a Zen Calm thing which I am actually quite good at. I take a breath do a mindfulness exercise and try to solve the problem. This state of being however results in the dreaded 3.00AM automatic wake up call every night…I don’t enjoy that, I also have this weired low lying headache that only goes away if I ride the Horse or walk the dogs.

A lovely piece of news did come through, I’ve been awarded a spot at BRAND BATTLE which is a product pitch showcase at the Wine Spirits Wholesalers of America (W.S.W.A) in Florida in April. Many brands applied but we got a spot. We will have the chance to pitch our brand Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den Style to some key influencers at the conference on the main stage and possibly secure distribution opportunities. It will mean some good exposure for us on their social media and printed materials and makes going to the Conference a lot more worthwhile for me. Below is the video that won us the spot on Brand Battle. It was filmed one rainy afternoon by my husband with his Iphone on a Selfie stick….Consider it my Battle Cry….


3 thoughts on “Brand Battle In More Ways Than One

  1. Louise, the entire WSWA Convention team will be watching and cheering you on from afar as you grow your brand. We will be reaching out to do a follow-up story in 6 months. Put next year’s WSWA Convention & Exposition on the calendar. You are a ROCK STAR! Hang tough – TITANIUM is right!


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