Jack of All Trades

This week we have a guest blog from my alter ego Debbie Downer. Take it away Debbie:


Thats Me Up There Doing a Little Wiring

The clocks have just gone back here on the West Coast of Ireland and the dreaded long wintery malaise which will last until what feels to be next June has arrived. It’s been a slog the last few weeks if I am honest, being a solo entrepreneur has its upside but Christ sometimes I wish I could palm a few things off to someone else. I mean what if you had a pressing concrete emergency? Would you know who to call in a pinch? I would. Do you know what a 3 X 2.5 SWA clean line circuit is?  How about a poly-poly multicore line and the difference between a 1.5 and 5 cap? No?  Well I do, at least I do now because I must, there is nobody else here to ask. I am on first name terms with the guys at the hardware store. I am honestly heading there after I write this because I know they close at 5pm.

I am very into the whole technical bit and I need to be, as it is our intention to build a distillery in the future. At the moment though I feel stuck in logistic land when I’d rather be out there in customer acquisition & whiskey blending land. I have to remind myself constantly that everything that I’m doing is getting to that point. I can’t legally get any whiskey on site until all this stuff is finished, its just that I thought it would all be finished months ago.  I’m going as fast as I can but I don’t feel that its fast enough.  My productivity level has dropped and I need to address that by motivating myself with some fun stuff.

The upside of being a solo entrepreneur is that I get to make all the calls about how I spend my time. So, I’m off to London tomorrow to meet with our packaging guys and talk POS and Brand World stuff with a view to prepping for some customer meetings in the U. S. I’ll be back here next week though for the final push regarding those 5 Cap Poly-Poly Multicores.


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